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Top 10 SUVs, Cars Dec 2022 YoY Vs MoM – Ertiga, Swift, Nexon, Creta

Ertiga is surprisingly the second highest-seller, which is often found lower down in the list of top 10 cars, SUVs

Hyundai Creta
Hyundai Creta

Maruti Suzuki has seven of its vehicles in the top 10 cars, SUVs list for the month of December 2022. Even the top three are from Maruti Suzuki itself. Topping the sales charts, we have the Baleno premium hatchback with 16,932 units sold. Even though it is not as impressive as 20,945 units sold in November 2022, sales grew 17% YoY as opposed to 14,458 units sold in 2021.

There is a surprise in the form of Ertiga climbing up the hierarchy and taking 2nd spot. Ertiga usually falls in the 7th to 10th spots and sometimes doesn’t make it to the top 10 at all. Last month, Ertiga sold 12,273 units, up from 11,840 units sold a year ago. Ertiga showed 4% YoY growth and volume growth stood at 433 units YoY.

Top 10 Cars, SUVs Dec 2022

Even though Swift lost 23% of its sales YoY as opposed to 15,661 units sold in 2021, with 12,061 units sold last month, Swift takes 3rd spot on this list. Baleno is the highest-selling PV, highest-selling hatchback and highest-selling premium hatchback as well. Ertiga becomes the highest-selling MPV in India.

At 4th place, we have Tata Nexon with 12,053 units sold. Nexon was the second highest-seller in November 2022 with 15,871 units sold. Nexon not only lost sales MoM, but there is also a 7% drop YoY as opposed to 12,899 units sold last year. Still, Nexon takes the cake for highest-selling SUV of any sort and highest-selling sub 4m SUV as well.

Tata 10 Cars and SUVs Dec 2022 - YoY vs MoM sales performance
Tata 10 Cars and SUVs Dec 2022 – YoY vs MoM sales performance

With 11,997 units sold, Maruti Suzuki Dzire fares better in YoY analysis as opposed to 10,633 units. With a 13% growth YoY, Dzire takes 5th spot on this list and is the highest-selling sedan and highest-selling sub 4m sedan in India. Dzire faced MoM loss as it sold 14,456 units a month before. Next in line is Brezza at 6th spot. Brezza sold 11,200 units, up from 9,531 units scored by Vitara Brezza. A decent 18% YoY growth was registered. Figures are almost inline in MoM analysis as Brezza sold 11,324 units a month before.

WagonR Sales Almost Halved YoY

Tata Punch is Tata’s second highest-selling vehicle. It took 7th spot on this list with 10,586 units, up from 8,008 units from 2021 with a growth rate of an impressive 32% YoY. Like it’s bigger sibling Nexon, Punch saw MoM decline as well as it sold 12,131 units a month before. Being the only passenger van in India, Eeco continues to feature in top 10 cars, SUVs list like clockwork.

Eeco sold 10,581 units as opposed to 9,165 units and registered a 15% YoY growth. Hyundai’s first entrant on this list is Creta with 10,205 units. With just 7,609 units to beat from 2021, Creta registered 34% YoY growth and is the highest-selling compact SUV in India. At 10th place we have WagonR which sold 10,181 units in December 2022.

Sales almost halved for WagonR as opposed to 19,728 units sold in 2021. WagonR registered 48% decline YoY and lost almost 4,000 units MoM as well. In total, top 10 cars, SUVs accounted for 1,18,069 units in December 2022 and registered a slight 1.2% decline as opposed to 1,19,532 units sold in December 2021. When compared to 1,47,402 units sold in November 2022, around 25,000 units were lost MoM.

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